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Fosters meaningful conversations.

Healthy Habit

Identifies and promotes good and hearty habits.


Encourages and celebrates the beauty of our differences.


Highlights the importance of gentleness.



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Although we are different, we're really the same...

Perfectly made, every inch of our frame.

Seeing all the lives Zachary destroyed made me angry. We exchanged one energy blast after another, but I would not give up.

Be calm and let’s think. Remember--where there’s a PROBLEM, there’s usually a SOLUTION.

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What our readers are saying

Vittorie, 8 y/o

"I was surprised to see how thick the book was when I got it. I love it. Great book to read with a great message."

Name, 5 y/o

I really like this book. I love that Nate kept trying even though Zachary is bigger.

Name, 6 y/o

We should always love ourselves. I love this book because it teaches us that we are all beautiful and we are special.

"Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of yourself in positive ways."

--Jerry Corsten.

"My passion is to create books that teach healthy habits and inspire children to be their best selves."

-Karlene J. Froling

Coming Soon!!!

Introducing Pete The Shark
We are soooo excited about Pete The Shark, which is the first book in the Picture Perfect series. Follow Pete on his journey where he learns it's best being himself.

“Hey, Pete!” says Taffy Turtle. “Time to show off those pearly whites!”

Introducing Brianna's Adventure - Albatross Island
We are also excited to share with you this wonderful story, Brianna's Adventure to Albatross Island.   
An ordinary day at the beach turns into an extraordinary adventure for Brianna and her cousins. 


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