"I know loving myself starts with thinking of myself in positive ways."


Developing a healthy growth mindset, one book at a time.

Researchers have found that children and adults can develop and train for healthy mindset...

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Pete the Shark learns to be himself

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Foster meaningful conversations.


Identify and promote good and hearty habits.

Healthy Habit

Encourage and celebrate the beauty of our differences.

Highlight the importance of self-love and gentleness.

Inspiring and enriching books for kids 4 and up

  • It's okay to make mistakes. It helps my brain grow.

  • ​I pay attention to how I approach problem-solving.

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  • I know loving myself starts with thinking of myself in positive ways.


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 Amazon Teachers' Pick 

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"Although we are different, we're really the same...

Perfectly made, every inch of our frame."

An inspirational children's book that encourages children as they grow to love themselves.

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He is only a kid who just became a superhero. His new arch-nemesis is already a champion. Can he master his powers to save the other children?

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Join Pete as he navigates his way through the aquarium waters trying to find solutions for a problem that never should have been.

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What our readers are saying


Vittorie, 8 y/o

"I was surprised to see how thick the book was when I got it. I love it. Great book to read with a great message."


Name, 5 y/o

I really like this book. I love that Nate kept trying even though Zachary is bigger.


Name, 6 y/o

We should always love ourselves. I love this book because it teaches us that we are all beautiful and we are special.


I'm Karlene, a mom, children's book author, and healthy mindset advocate.

My passion is to create books that teach healthy habits and inspire children to be their best selves.



Coming Soon!!!

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Introducing Charlie The Mongoose Perseveres

We are soooo excited about Charlie The Mongoose Perseveres, Charlie, is a fashionista who aspires to be a reggae singer like his idol Bob Marley. When he enters a contest, his dream of becoming an inspirational reggae singer looks good. That is until he is attacked by a yellow boa and everything changes.
Introducing Brianna's Adventure - Albatross Island

We are also excited to share with you this wonderful story, Brianna's Adventure to Albatross Island.   

An ordinary day at the beach turns into an extraordinary adventure for Brianna and her cousins. 
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It important to be true to ourselves...
Because it lays the foundation for all other aspects in our lives. It is the only way to really connect with others on a meaningful level.

"Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of yourself in positive ways."

--Jerry Corsten.