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Celebrating Earth Day 2022 with ten Ocean-Themed Children's Books

What is Earth Day and When is it Celebrated?

Well, Earth Day is an annual event bringing together billions of people from around the world to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. It was first held on April 22, 1970, and now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG --

Earth Day is celebrated annually around the globe on April 22.

Now, Earth Day is not only keeping the streets clean. It's also keeping the sky and ocean clean. Everyone needs a healthy habitat to live in and that includes our water animal friends too.

10 Free Aquatic-Themed Children's Books

To celebrate this year's Earth Day, I teamed up with nine amazing authors to give away TEN books in honor of Earth Day.

DOWNLOAD LINK for all TEN BOOKS. Free April 20 - 21, 2022

In this first book of the Amazon #1 Best Seller the Picture-Perfect series, join Pete the Shark as he inspires young readers to have fun, smile from the heart, and connect by being themselves.

Today is Pete’s big day in the open waters. He is excited and hoping that the children will take a picture with him. Unfortunately, some bad advice led him down the wrong path.

Take a journey with “Pete the Shark” as he navigates his way through the open waters trying to find solutions to a problem that never should have been. A charming and delightful story with fantastical illustrations that are sure to capture the attention of kids and adults alike.

Book two in the Picture-Perfect series titled Taffy the Turtle: See Something Say Something will be launched in May 2022. Click link for a sneak peek. 

Written and illustrated by Mike Crowder, “Hammy Hammerhead’s (Almost) Big Adventure” is about a hammerhead sharker named, well, Hammy!

Hammy’s just having one of those days. You know the kind! You know, when your mom won’t even let you

out until you clean your room?

All he wants to do is play pufferball with his friends! …What’s a boy to do?

One lonely shark learns about love; and something simply amazing about herself!

Sharks can do so many cool things! And a girl shark living in the darkest waters of the deep, blue sea knows this. But why can’t she capture the attention of the one she “loves?”

In “Shark in Love”, kids will learn many amazing facts about sharks and at the same time, they will come to understand that loving yourself should always come first. See how this shark finds this out the hard way!

Shark in Love is the second book in the Learn and Love series, a collection of books about misunderstood animals and life skills for children. Want more? Look for the first book in the series, “Bo the Bat,” a book about the importance of not prejudging others and about bats!

Key kids! Would you like to know more about some beautiful animals found in the Ocean? If yes, then this is the perfect book for you!

In this fourth book of the series, “Jasper the Island Hopper: A Boat Ride”, Jasper goes snorkeling in the water of Seychelles, where he learns some interesting facts about some beautiful creatures under the sea.

With its vibrant illustrations, this moving adventure brings marine life to reality. Enjoy the story and test yourself by answering the educational questions on the last page of the book. A wonderful Travel Book for kids ages 4-10.

New friends come but are soon gone. Life is good, but Kai is lonely. Will anyone ever share her island home?

Written by Cindi Goodeaux and illustrated by Jack Foster, “KAI: The Loneliest Palm Tree” is about a happy little tree named Kai that lives alone on a tiny island.

Every day she watches wildlife and boats pass by, hoping one might visit to become her friend and share the beautiful view.

These birdies love playing on the beach. But how will they know when it’s time to go home?

Ten little sandpipers run in and out of the waves. Every day they wake up bright and chirpy, eager to see the sun sparkling on the sea. And whenever the surf retreats, they rush back in for a snack!

Beautifully illustrated by Nejla Shojaie with vivid, double-spread pages, this rhyming counting book will have your little ones learning numbers one to ten with ease. And using perfect rhythmic meter to support the entertaining play, as well as four fun facts and a QR code for a special sing-along song, kids will beg to read about the happy-go-lucky birds and their seaside friends.

“Ten Little Sandpipers” is a gorgeous children’s picture book aimed at youngsters learning to count. If you or your child like cute animals, upbeat adventures, and celebrating the beauty of nature, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s sun-soaked story.

How does a seaside holiday with your best dragon friend sound? A complete bliss!

What would make it even better? Well, maybe a bit of magic … and adventure!

Rosie is looking forward to some fun in the sun. But danger lurks beneath the surface of the sea. A sorcerer has cast a terrible spell over the Mermaid Princess, and Rosie is the only one who can save her.

Feeling vulnerable in the treacherous underwater world, Rosie must follow the trail of dark magic. Will Rosie’s determination and the power of her friendship with Spark the dragon be

enough to defeat the evil sorcerer and his dark spells?

Enter the world of magical action and adventure and find out in Mermaid Rescue! “Mermaid Rescue: A Young Girl’s Magical Underwater Adventure with Mermaids” is a Book 2 in an early reader chapter book series The Adventures of Rosie Hart.

Brought to us by author Tracy Kushwaha and illustrator Denny Poliquit and published by Two Girls and a Reading Corner.

“Oscar the Octopus” is a tale about intrigue and wonder through the eyes of a curious young octopus who dreams of life beyond the sea.

The smells and sounds from this strange, almost magical land allure him, and his adventure-seeking mind wonders what mysteries lie on the world above the water.

Join Cray and his friends on their efforts to protect what he loves with this engaging, rhyming, children’s picture book about how a few friends can make a big impact on their community. After noticing the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, Cray decides to take action as believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and invites his readers to join him!

From the series “The Adventures of Cray on the Bay,” by rappin’ rhymin’ grandpa author G Pa Rhymes and illustrated by Erica Leigh, “Cray Saves the Day” is a

wonderful rhyming story about protecting our beaches, oceans, and marine life from pollution. Children will see how litter affects sea animals and learn easy, yet impactful, ways to protect the planet! A fantastic selection for teaching about Earth Day or ocean habitats in the classroom or before a beach trip at home. Comprised of consistent and well-flowing rhymes, this is also a great text for teaching word families and identifying rhyming pairs. Erica Leigh’s gorgeous, vivid, and detailed illustrations keep little ones engaged!

Award-winning author of the children’s unicorn book series, Lisa Caprelli has created this captivating children’s book on aquatic wildlife to introduce kids to a fun way of learning about ocean animals.

Lisa Caprelli’s “Ocean Animals” for kids brings marine biology into the sparkle of Unicorn Jazz picture book characters to life under the sea. With hand-drawn art throughout, this is a Unicorn Jazz children’s unicorn book series loved by kids and adults alike!

Remember, cherish Earth’s Oceans & Underwater Animals.

We need each other!

Free from April 20 - 21, 2022.

Download Now!

A Tree, A Good Book, And You

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