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Early Literacy Matters They Say…

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

"South Florida's Children's book author Karlene Froling shared her thoughts on child literacy in this insightful yet personal article about teaching her children how to read." --Desiree Avila. All posts are reprinted with permission from Living In Oakland Park Magazine

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Early Literacy Matters They Say...

Early Literacy Matters They Say...

I am a full-time working mother of three beautiful children. My two boys and my girl are my world. I do have to brag that my sons are doing well in their honor classes while my daughter is beyond excited to start elementary school this year. However, I have to point out there is one difference between my boys and my girl: My sons hate to read, and my daughter loves to read. Why is that? What did I do differently with my boys than with my girl?

Early Literacy: This Journey Begins Early

Well, with my first two kids the family daily schedule was going to working full-time, school, aftercare, cooking dinner, homework, baths, and then bed leading to exhausting days. I occasionally fit in a bed time story when I felt up to it… then wake up the next morning at 6AM and repeat.

Sound familiar? I have to attribute my boys school success to their wonderful teachers; however, it began to sink in that their lack of enthusiasm for reading possibly fell on me. When I learned about research showing that by the age of two a child’s brain is as active as an adult’s and by age three their brains are more than twice as active as an adult’s, and it remains this way for the next ten years of their lives.