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How to Teach Our Kids About Diversity With I Love Being Me, Uniquely Me

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

"Teaching our kids about diversity matters! In this article based on her book 'I Love being Me, Uniquely Me' Karlene Froling gives us some suggestions on how to to talk about diversity with children in a way that feels natural." --Ana Luiza Fragoso. All posts are reprinted with permission from Living In Oakdland Park Magazine.

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How to Teach Kids About Diversity

Teaching Kids About Diversity

Teaching our kids about diversity matters, they say…

When my daughter was in preschool, she asked me, “Mommy, Alexia asked me why our skin color is different. Why is my skin light brown and she, her skin is dark brown?” The question was innocent, and the kids were reaching an age where they were beginning to notice the differences among themselves.

It Was All About Curiosity

I realized I was going to have to approach the subject of diversity and how we are all unique because of the influence of our heritage, family, friends, etc.

Thankfully, I had some backup since Cultural Day at her school was just around the corner. She was thrilled about the event and it helped me and my husband navigate and figure out how to answer the question… What is diversity?

The project was a brilliant opportunity to share lively stories about my Jamaican heritage of spicy and exotic foods, junkanoo parades and colorful clothes, dance, and reggae music. As I reminisce and I see her funny reactions to things that are not her day to day normal, I realize just how much diversity is in my own home.

Realizing that all households are unique and within their walls each family is diverse helped me