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Summer Savings...

Scoop Up New Releases.

Scoop up new releases and save on books that will keep kids learning this summer.

Check out July New Releases:

* Meeting Bella

* Nate - Sucked Into A Video Game comic book

(#1 New Release)

All our books are UNDER $13.00 and includes FREE shipping via USPS media mail.




Nate - Sucked Into A Video Game

comic book

Customer Reviews:

"What a fun comic to read ! My 10 year old loved it and is telling his friends about it too as they all love their games ! Cant wait for the next one." -- Anastasia Sampaio

"Just got this super comic. Fun story but the art is stupendous. I bought this to support the young author but I feel lucky to have gotten the first product of this very talented young man. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Bravo!"-- K. M. Smi

"I can’t believe Nathan was only eight when he wrote this! It’s fantastic! I know my nephew is going to love it!" -- Rebekah Phillips

At Kay's Heart, we understand the importance of parents and children sharing a book for comfort, and to building a strong foundation for a better tomorrow.

How to raise a reader:

1. Start a reading habit early,

2. Read every day,

3. Keep books all around your home,

4. Let your children choose their own books, and

5. Be a reading role model.

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