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Read Aloud Permission

Thanks for reaching out to me about doing a Read-Aloud of my books online.

It is a tremendous honor to have you selected my books to read online on your youtube channels and/or an open and closed platform for your students to access. 

It is an absolute YES from me. However, before doing so, please read the following guidelines:

1. At the beginning of your video, please state that "you received permission from Karlene J. Froling."


2. Link where to purchase the book on amazon in your description or provide my website


3. Fill out the form below so I can keep track of permissions granted and to notify you of any promotions I might have as well.

4. Please, please tag me on any social media handles.

Instagram: @KarleneJFrolingAuthor
Facebook: @KarleneJFrolingAuthor

Thanks for all you are doing for our children to build a stronger tomorrow.

Karlene J.

Thanks for reading our books!

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