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Salon: Now Available!

June 3, 2018

Step, Grow and Unleash the Purpose in YOU!


I am so EXCITED to announce that my very first children's book is officially available on Amazon. Yeah!


The journey has not been an easy one for me becoming a published author; just keeping it real 😊. There were days where I hit a brick wall and literally cried, no kidding, but I pulled myself together and continued my journey. I honestly didn't know if I could do it but I knew I wanted to, and so I kept my eyes on the finish line and took a step each day. Now today, I am holding in my hand a copy of my very own children’s book written by me. What appeared so far-fetched in my dream has materialized.


If you live outside of the United States of America, you can now order your copy of "Salon: A Different Kind of Doll" from the Amazon Store.


I will receive my first batch of books on June 12, 2018 to sell. If you live in the United States of America, please order DIRECTLY from my website store:, not Amazon.


Thank you always for your support on this journey and for purchasing a copy of my very first book, Salon: A Different Kind of Doll.


Once you are receipt of your book, please, please take the time to write a review on Amazon; even if you purchased it directly from my website. I am hoping to make it on the Children's Book Top 100 list, then the Top 20 list and finally #1. It is not impossible; who would have guessed I would one day be a published author? Believe it. Perceive it. Receive it.


Also, please send me a picture of you holding the book for me to display on my website. I will be tracking the journey of the book.


This book, Salon, is geared toward ages 3 - 12. The other book titled "Wish Upon a Doll" geared toward ages 6 - 12 is delayed and will be out in July 2018. I will update you when it is out. 


Please do not forget to share this good news with your uncles, aunties, grandmas, grandpas, friends, enemies, bosses, church brethren, and everyone else. Please ensure they purchase a copy to help me hit #1. We can do it.


Thanks for always showing me love. You ROCK!


Believe it. Perceive it. Receive it.




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