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The Mango Seed Doll Extended Edition  

The extended version told from the perspective of the little girl. 

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About the book

Everyone says to be yourself!


But KayLynne would rather be someone else.

In this colorfully illustrated children’s story, a young girl being bullied finds a creative way out. Creating a mango seed doll only make things worse.

Will she stand up for herself and her unique doll?  What will KayLynne do?

In The Mango Seed Doll Extended Edition, told through KayLynne’s eyes, your children will learn the importance of positive thinking and self-acceptance.


Important issues addressed:


1. Bullying

2. Creativity

3. Diversity & Inclusion

4. Friendship

5. Love

6. Self-acceptance

7. Self-confidence


This book is not just about fitting in. It also addresses the issue of subtle bullying. It is for parents, teachers, librarians, children, everyone to share with a child to let them know they are perfectly beautiful just the way they are.


Order the paperback and get the eBook free.





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