"My passion is to create books that teach healthy habits and inspire children to be their best selves."

-Karlene J. Froling


All my books promote positive thinking
for a healthy mindset. 

About The Author

Have you ever wished that you could travel back in time to talk to your younger self?

Hi, I'm Karlene J. Froling, children's book author and owner of Kay's Heart. Knowing what I know now, I wish I could travel back in time to talk to the younger me about the things that made me insecure and depressed and left me thinking that I was not good enough -- but I cannot! Mental health and low self-esteem are serious issues. Today, I assist parents and childhood educators, using my experience, through my positive message books, to teach our children healthy habits about the power of positive words, to enrich their young minds to be their best selves.

Now a mother myself, I live in Florida with my husband, two teenage sons, and a creative daughter.
What makes my heart smile? The joy of impacting a child’s heart, seeing them smile, and making a difference in their lives through my books.

Children's take away from my books? Knowing the power of using positive words when speaking to themselves -- words that will empower and not devalue who they are. Knowing that it is okay to be themselves and make mistakes, show kindness and respect to self and others, and see the beauty in diversity!

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