"My passion is to create books that teach healthy habits and inspire children to be their best selves."

-Karlene J. Froling


All my books promote a healthy habit.

about ME

Karlene J. Froling, who was born in Jamaica, is the owner of Kay's Heart. Having dealt with insecurity most of her life, learning to replace negative thoughts with positivity changed her life. She now writes the books she wants our children to read. Books that inspire positive messages, teach healthy habits, and enrich young minds to be their best selves. A mother herself, she lives in Florida with her husband, two teenage sons, and a creative daughter.

What makes Karlene’s heart smile? The joy of touching a child’s heart through her books.

What does Karlene want kids to take away from her books? That it's okay to make mistakes, to use words that empower and not devalue them, show kindness and respect others, and to love themselves and become the best that they can be!



Faith Del Rey did some writing in school; however, never did she envision becoming an author. It just wasn't on her radar. 


The idea of professionally writing came about when she took her niece to visit her aunt. There, her niece met a golden retriever. Having witnessed their interaction, Faith gave birth to her first book Meeting Bella. 


And this is how it began.



Nathan is a high honor roll student in middle school who enjoys playing video games in his spare time. And he is very good at it too. His favorite game to play is Roblox. So, when he was in elementary school and his teacher asked him to write a story, it was a no brainer that his first story would be about a video gamer who had to battle a villain to become the ultimate champion.


Kaustuv Bramachari, the owner of FX and Color Studio with 11-years of experience illustrating children's books. He and his team are skilled in various techniques to design unique and creative characters to bring stories to life. 


"It is an honor and such joy to collaborate with Kay's Heart to produce amazing children's books to empower our children." Kaustuv

Scott Webste.jpg


Scott A. Froling believes kids are the future and we are at their service. And at Kay's Heart, we believe in quality and great customer service. That is where he comes in.  He wants your child to have a copy of our books in their hands. And to do this, he works the numbers with the team to publish books that are educational, creative, beautifully done, and most importantly cost-effective as possible to our customers.


Kyle loves to draw and color. 

When reading, he enjoys reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. He finds them fun to read. He is a high honor roll student in Middle school and he is currently writing his own children's book titled The Journal of A Bee.  When not creating, you will find him playing his video games which are super fun. He enjoys it a lot.