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5 stars - Excellent book with a great message!
This is a great book for all children to read. It teaches the importance of how we are all different and unique with our own special talents. I like how the author used a very creative approach (shown through adorable pictures that everyone will love) to teach children how special and important they are, as told by a very loving mango seed doll and his wonderful little owner. Do not let bullies tear you down; instead show them just how wonderful you are simply by being you. This story teaches children how they are ALL different and unique, and that's what makes them special. I also loved the mango-inspired crafts section at the end of the book. Well done!
-Amazon customer: Lindsay DeRollo


5 stars- From Seed to Mango Doll!
The Mango Seed Doll has it all: creativity, meanies, love, bravery! KayLynne, the main character, decided to make a doll out of a seed.....A SEED! Most people would've thrown the seed out, but not KayLynne! She turned trash into a treasure!!! Now that's recycling at its best! The doll was unique and a true creation! Because the doll was different, KayLynne was teased. She reached down within herself, remembering lessons taught to her from her mother, to confront her "friends" who teased her. We are ALL different, and KayLynne helps her "friends" learn that being different is okay.
-Amazon customer: Gin Spaulding


5 stars A great lesson in diversity.
I found this book to be quite interesting and unique. It explores the themes of diversity, love and friendship in a way I've never seen before. The author was also careful in telling a story about differences without being too preachy. It also shows how one can use something seemingly useless to create a thing of great value. In this age of high technology and low self-confidence and esteem, this book can also help to teach young readers self-worth and acceptance. The activities and mango information chart at the end of the book were useful.
-Amazon Customer: E. Rodney


5 stars - The Mango Seed Doll is a great read for our young children
I enjoyed reading this book and absolutely loved all of the beautiful illustrations offered throughout. The book is a great read for all young children of various age, culture and ethnicities because it skillfully tells an interesting story to young curious, learning minds and offers a critical and much valued compassionate way to broaden the perspective of our future leaders. Thank you
-Amazon Customer: Agnes Oquendo


5 stars Beautiful messages for young minds!
A sweet story w/beautiful illustrations that deliver several positive messages. Encourages children to accept their uniqueness and recognize it as their strength! Delivers a lesson on acceptance and friendship. One of my favorite messages is the part about encouraging creativity in children! Going forth with an idea that is out of the box, act upon it and be proud of it, as in creating a doll out of a mango seed! Highly recommend it!
-Amazon Customer: Demetra Yuvanu


5 stars - A must read children's book
This sweet story is a wonderful way to teach children about acceptance. The storyline deals with bullying and how important it is to stand up for yourself. The directions to make your own Mango doll is a great idea. I really enjoyed reading this story.
-Amazon customer: Lazann


5 stars - WOW! Unique, Interesting and Delightful Book
This is a very good book. It is the perfect story about being happy with who you are. Beautifully illustrated and told from the viewpoint of a mango seed. A book that shows children that you can be different and still be friends because we are all different in our own way. You'll love the extra activities included at the end of this story. Facts about the delicious mango are also included. My granddaughter loved this book.
-Amazon customer: Char


5 stars - love the premise behind this book
You wouldn’t guess that this book would be so deep based on the name alone, but it beautifully illustrates so many important life lessons. I especially love that it addresses the differences between us all and teaches that bullies just sometimes need help understanding. This is a great book and I think elementary school children would enjoy it.
-Amazon customer: SquallyMuffin


5 starsGreat Anti-Bullying Story
I love the author's take on bullying and accepting differences by introducing the concept of a different type of doll. It is well written, and very relevant for today's children. I recommend this book to parents looking to teach their children to accept all people regardless of status, race, and gender. Also, it is cool that the author teaches you how to make your own doll out of a mango seed. Very cute.
-Amazon customer: Tracy Blom


5 starsI love the message this book tells! It's about creating, and being you
I loved this book in every way, great story line, wonderful message. Also it shows children the value in creating something with your hands. Honestly it's just wonderful!
-Amazon customer: krystal hardy


5 stars - What a great read
I must admit my son didn't want to read it because it had the word doll in it but I'm glad we did because it teaches you a great lesson on diversity and guess who will be reading it to her class tomorrow? You've guessed it! He was asking lots of questions about diversity and people being different! What a great lesson to learn.
-Amazon customer: Shondra Bowers


3 stars - Okay
I thoroughly enjoy reading these type of children books, for they always teach my children an important life lesson in a simple and easy way that they can understand. It's important for children today to have morals, and the only way that they will obtain them is if they are taught from a young age.
-Amazon customer: kindle customer


4 stars - An easy to read and enjoyable story.
This was a sweet story that I will be proud to share with all of the little people in my life. Several valuable lessons are taught about embracing the differences in yourself and others. The illustrations were spot on and I loved the questions at the end of the book.
-Amazon customer: Christy Briggs


5 stars - A seed for a doll!
I love the imagination of the little girl. I always say, great illustrations are what gives life to a story. This is what I call writing outside the box! Even adults such as myself, can learn from this story. Be accepting of others, regardless of how they look...
-Amazon customer: Annette Bentley Smith


5 stars - The perfect message for everyone!
This book shares a beautiful concept: be proud of who you are! The beautiful illustrations and positive message is perfect for kids of all ages!!!
-Amazon customer


5 stars - Adorable!
My eight-year-old daughter loves this book! She read it to her five-year-old sister and it was so adorable to see their enjoyment!
We even loved the directions on how to make your own Mango Seed Doll in the back, brilliant!  I love that the author has interactive projects included and the story is so sweet and heart warming, including a good way to boost a child's self esteem.  Every child should read this! Kudos to the author! Cannot wait for the second!
-Amazon customer: WonderWoman




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