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Inspiring and enriching children's books for kids 4 - 8


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 Amazon Teachers' Pick 

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"Although we are different, we're really the same... Perfectly made, every inch of our frame."

An inspirational children's book that encourages children as they grow to love themselves.

He is only a kid who just became a superhero. His new arch-nemesis is already a champion. Can he master his powers to save the other children?

Join Pete as he navigates his way through the aquarium waters trying to find solutions for a problem that never should have been.

"My passion is to create books that teach healthy habits and inspire children as they grow, explore, and begin to create for themselves."
Karlene J. Froling


Be calm and let’s think. Remember--where there’s a PROBLEM, there’s usually a SOLUTION.

Follow the story of Uwi Unicorn who learns a healthy habit on how to handle frustrating feelings of mixed emotions.

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Charlie, a Jamaican mongoose, is a fashionista and aspires to be a reggae singer like his idol Bob Marley. When he enters a contest, his dream of becoming an inspirational reggae singer looks good. That is until he is attacked by a yellow boa and everything changes. 

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Taffy the Turtle

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Taffy the Turtle: Picture Day is this week and Taffy cannot wait to have her picture taken. But when Taffy tells on her classmate for breaking a class rule, it results in an awkward school picture. Now, she wonders if it’s good to “say something when she sees something”. 

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Pippy the Pufferfish: Pippy Pufferfish is new to the aquarium. He wants to play with the other animals, but he frightens easily. When Pippy gets scared, his spines pop out and they scratch other animals. Can Pippy’s new friends help him?”. 

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I am enough! : Experience a positive affirmation vibe while you color and have fun.  

A coloring book that encourages positive thinking and reminds your children how special they are.

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In The Mango Seed Doll, told through the eyes of a doll, children will learn the importance of  self-acceptance.


Compassionately, the story addresses subtle bullying in a way that will undoubtedly create many classroom and household discussions.

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The Mango Seed Doll is a Spanish-language children’s book that can be enjoyed by fluent Spanish speakers as well as those learning the language. The story highlights the importance of embracing our own unique qualities and being ourselves. 


Brianna loves animals and meeting Bella, a Golden Retriever, was everything she dreamed of. Now, she longs for a dog of her own. One big problem…her mom is allergic.

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Unkind words  of insults can affect self-esteem.  Start the conversation on how kids can deal with this common occurrence. 

In this story, a young girl being bullied finds a creative way out.

Sunny the Albatross:


An ordinary day at the beach turns into an extraordinary adventure for Brianna and her cousins. 

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"I am BLOWN away! Wow. This book far surpassed my expectations. It was well-written and beautifully illustrated... but, this book went far beyond those two things for me. The author made very clear decisions for how to depict her vision. This story is filled with genuine diversity. It made me feel accepted and heard. Even just one simple image of a boy wearing a kipa on his head made me feel my heritage was celebrated.

Kudos all around (to both the author and illustrator), and two EXTREMELY enthusiastic thumbs up!!!" -- 
Nicole Filippone

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