A guide to helping your children learn to stop, listen to their body, and breathe.


“Oh no! It’s a DILEMMA! Woobacaloobi!”


Uwi Unicorn receives an invitation to a birthday party but realizes she has nothing to wear and starts to cry. And one issue leads to the next. See how Uwi's mom taught her a healthy habit on how to deal with her feelings of frustration and mixed emotions.


Your children will incorporate Uwi Unicorn's technique immediately after reading this book!

Developing self-control from an early age will help your children react appropriately when faced with a problem. Watch them go from being "fussy and crying" when things go wrong to "I can handle it."


A huge thank you to our teachers who help our children daily with thier emotions.


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Uwi Unicorn

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  • 8" * 10" paperback format with 40 pages.

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