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CS 2020 MLK Monument Award Nominee…

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

"Living In Oakland Park guest author, Karlene Froling not only enlightens us with her positive view of how to teach diversity, she does so much more! In this article Brittany Hopwood delves into the works of Karlene Froling and how she received a special honor as a result." --Desiree Avila. All posts are reprinted with permission from Living In Oakland Park Magazine

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CS 2020 MLK Monument Award Nominee...

Karlene J. Froling – Building a Better Tomorrow One Children’s Book at a Time

Author: Brittany Hopwood

Karlene Froling was born and raised in Newlands in Portmore, Jamaica. Her childhood experiences with being made to feel inferior because of her social and economic status has played a major role in forming her underlying vision as an author.She now strives to teach children about diversity and self worth with her five children’s books, including “The Mango Seed Doll,” “Uwi Unicorn,” and “I love Being me, Uniquely me.”