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The Mango Seed Doll 

An Amazon #1 New Release on Peer Pressure

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About the book

ISBN: 9781732189515 | Foreign Translations



Self-acceptance, self-confidence & kindness matters.


The Mango Seed Doll is an inspirational story highlighting the importance of positive thinking and self-acceptance.


In this story, your children will see how subtle insults CAN affect self-esteem, self-confidence and can be as simple as ‘That doll doesn’t look the SAME as mine. EW!'


This story will help you with starting the conversation about how your children can deal with this common occurrence.


1. Bullying
2. Creativity
3. Diversity & Inclusion
4. Friendship
5. Love
6. Self-acceptance
7. Self-confidence


You too will find that this book is not just about fitting in. It also addresses the issue of subtle bullying and problem-solving. We encourage parents, teachers, aunties, uncles, grandparents, everyone to get a copy for their little prince and princess.

Praise for the book:


2019 KidsShelf Honorable Mention Cover Design

2019 Readers' Favorite Five Stars

2019 TCK Publishing Nominee

2019 Author Academy Awards Nominee


"The story tackles the topic of acceptance, tolerance, self worth, and friendship in a very unique and creative way. The illustrations by the author are lively, imaginative, colorful, and breathe life into the story. I like the way she created a character out of a mango seed and gave it a personality of its own. The Mango Seed Doll is an excellent book for storytelling and read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries because of the wonderful messages it conveys, and parents can use it at home for bedtime storytelling and reading sessions. I am sure children will be encouraged to create their own mango seed doll after reading this story. I am planning to make one, and I think you should too!" 

-Readers' Favorite: 5-star review




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