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Uwi Unicorn! 

Where there's a problem there's usually a solution.

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A guide to helping your children learn to stop, listen to their body, and breathe.

Watch them go from being "fussy and crying when things go wrong" to "I can handle it."



About The Book 

Developing self-control from an early age helps children react appropriately when faced with a problem.

Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"A Story About Problem Solving" by Karlene Froling is a sweet story with lovely illustrations that promotes an excellent habit: A habit that helps kids cope with frustration and feelings of despair, a habit that is conducive to solving problems. "Stop, inhale, exhale, and think!" - Uwi's mother instructs at every turn, when the little unicorn is upset about something. Mother also reminds UWI that "where there's a problem, there's a solution." And Uwi takes the lesson to heart and saves the day!"

“Oh no! It’s a DILEMMA! Whobacaloobi! Uwi Cries.

- Show the kids to think outside the box

- Don't sweat the small stuff

- There's usually a solution to a problem




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